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Enter the data, calculate the result, transfer it to one of the required slots and continue to count! It was never so easy to make calculations. Save time on oral and written calculations - the application will do everything for you

Operations supported by the calculator:
- Solution of a system of linear equations using the Gauss method
- Addition, subtraction
- Multiplication of a matrix by a number
- Multiplication of two matrices
- Determinant
- Finding the inverse matrix
- Transposition
- Power the matrix to the natural degree

Main features:
** Support for rational numbers - you will get the final values ​​with high accuracy! No decimals!
** Night and day theme for a pleasant experience
** Option to set the size of the default matrices
** Filling matrices with default bookmarks (single and zero matrices)
** Step-by-step solution of complex operations, such as determinant, calculation of the inverse matrix, solution of a system of linear equations, power the matrix

If you want to take part in the development, offer your idea for implementation or tell us about the bug or the problems with the interface - write to the email [email protected]



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Version 2.0.10
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